John angarrack is a cornish nationalist and also a self published author about cornwall and cornish affairs. He campaigns for greater recognition of the cornish identity and cornish culture and language.

John Angarrack self published three books below about cornwall

Scat t’Larrups?

Resist and Survive.

Publisher: Independent Academic Press
Date of Publication: 2008
Pages: 330
Style: Hardback
ISBN: 0 9529313 54

Cover text: The year is 2007 and Government react to what appears to be a co-ordinated threat to national security. The Secretary of State sets normal affairs of Government aside to hold two days of crisis talks with her advisors and the future king is consulted. Dawn raids by dozens of armed police result in suspected terrorists being rounded up at gunpoint. Enemy flags, instruction manuals and documents in a foreign language are taken as evidence. High profile personalities are offered special protection and the press hint of a plot to blow up the QE2. The tension abates only after Government and judiciary conspire to intimidate the community into compliance.

A Tom Clancy thriller? No. The events described above really happened – in Cornwall. But what is the truth behind the sensationalism and why did Government take such extreme measures against Cornish people? John Angarrack’s follow-up book to Breaking the Chains and Our Future is History looks at what happened during this period and attempts to set events in their proper context.


Identity Law and the Cornish Question.

Publisher: Independent Academic Press
Date of Publication: 2002
Pages: 342
Style: hardback
ISBN: 0 9529313 46

Cover text: John Angarrack’s latest investigations uncover a web of State-inspired deception intended to gerrymander a nations constitutional position, denude the status of her people and defraud them out of their social, cultural, economic and political rights. Alarmingly, what sounds like a work of fiction is actually a carefully researched, well argued, fully referenced work of fact. Based on the Author’s personal experiences, this follow up to Breaking the Chains is a must for all those who have at some time asked, but been unable to answer, the Cornish Question.


Propaganda, Censorship, Deception and the Manipulation of Public Opinion in Cornwall.

Publisher: Cornish Stannary Publications
Date of publication: 1999
Pages: 442
Style: soft-back
ISBN: 0 9529313 11Cover text: We all know that the conquest and later repressions of Cornwall involved the use of force. But how many realise ([in the new international climate of toleration of minorities and respect for small nations) that ongoing acts of latter day neo-colonialism by Westminster and Whitehall constitute a form of permanent and continuing State aggression? These covert activities need exposing simply because when a people become engaged in the struggle for a greater degree of self-determination they need to be able to justify why it is they offer resistance to the autocratic forces of centralised control. There is no doubt that, left to its own devices, Cornwall would find a more productive balance between centralisation and autonomy. However, dark forces work surreptitiously to stonewall such an event. This hard-hitting and often controversial book sets out to explain what the forces of centralisation have done in the past and, more importantly, reveals what is being done behind closed doors today.